I am neither a veteran burner nor a newbie. 2013 was my second burn. I started this blog because going home is a topic dear to every burner’s heart, including mine.

I am a solo burner. The hardest part of camping solo in Black Rock City is the time it takes to set up and take down a solo camp. Solo camping gives me a space to retreat to after immersing myself in the social craziness that is Burning Man.  That lone camper status is reflected in my packing lists and structure design.

In 2013, I built a huge shaded patio. I LOVED that patio. My new friends and neighbors spent a lot of time on that patio.  So much time that I actually didn’t get out to see stuff as much as I should have.  My 2014 patio will be just as big, with a few upgrades, but I plan to spend less time there. Things to see, places to be.


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