My food is coming together

That tingle is growing. I did some shopping this morning, and I am almost done with both food and supplies. I still need to buy a few more perishables (cheese, steak), and I still need most of my beer.

DSC02765Stuff stuff stuff

DSC02766The V8 is for my homemade bloody mary mix.

DSC02767Lots of chips and goodies. Cocoa Krispies with ice cold whole organic milk are the goddamn fucking bomb.


DSC02768Bacon going in the oven soon. Niman Ranch bacon fucking rocks! Spendy though, so I got one of those and one Morrell.

DSC02769Honey stinger energy chews are fucking awesome. Canned green olive satisfy multiple urges. I’m taking only FOUR dill pickles this year.

DSC02770Vodka from our local distillery. Lemonheads of course.

DSC02772Coffee drinks and coconut water.


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