Pickles vs bacon


Giant-Pile-of-BaconI’ve noticed that when people discuss food for Burning Man, pickles and bacon always come up, for obvious reasons, but there are some out there pushing the idea that bacon at Burning Man is passé.

For me, that’s right up there with the silliness about last year being the last good year and you are doing it wrong. These are both running gags now for a reason. Because they are utterly stupid.  Same goes for the bacon is out thing. I’m sorry, but unless you are a vegetarian (and I can’t count the number of vegetarians I’ve known who eat bacon, so that’s a shaky condition), you don’t get to say that bacon at Burning Man is doing it wrong. Nope. If you like pickles and aren’t into bacon, then, seriously, why do you feel the need to point out repeatedly that bacon is passé? You could simply say that you are not a bacon fan and that you think pickles are a better signature food for Burning Man. There, you’ve expressed your food opinion without telling others that they are eating wrong. Very simple.

Pickles and bacon are both popular at Burning Man because they are easy, available, tasty, provide salt, and can be easily shared. There are certainly many other tasty, easy, salty, zingy foods you can take, and it would be fun to compile a list of foods that fit that description, but pickles and bacon are the obvious defaults.  Soapboxing against bacon is like somebody complaining about Valentine’s Day because they aren’t in a relationship. I don’t whine about Secretary’s Day, nor do I bash pickles just because I happen to like bacon better.


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