Meat bars

I had been eying some Epic Meat Bars in the grocery checkout line. Today I finally caved and got a bison bacon cranberry bar.  I think it was the bacon that tipped the scales in favor of buying a ridiculously priced trendy food item. But, in its defense, it was actually quite tasty. Tasty enough that I might just have to throw a couple of these into my Burning Man food for the week. I am a fan of jerky, Slim Jims, and other formed, pressed dry meats, so my chances of liking this stuff were reasonable.

An Amazon reviewer posted, ‘The girl at Whole Foods said, “a meat bar – why would anyone eat a meat bar?” ‘, and this guy hates them , but I find them oddly appealing.  Of course, I also find Easy Cheese oddly appealing. Take what you want from that.





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