My shadecloth and tarps

I got out all of my shade stuff the other day. I needed to put grommets on the black shadecloth, and I hadn’t actually gotten my aluminet/white shadecloth out of the box. I was missing two tarps, a green one I planned to use as the base for my patchwork patio floor, and a small silver one. Husband located both of them at work the next day. Yay! I’ll get out my new patio floor soon and take a picture. It is fun and goofy and I like it.

DSC01655My black shadecloth is nice and big but lacked grommets. I bought some clip-on ones to try. I’m too lazy to measure and get them all just right, so I just slapped a bunch of the suckers all over the edges.

DSC01656My pretty new shadecloth is aluminet on one side and white shadecloth on the other. It came with proper edging and grommets.

I’m pretty happy with my shade materials.  Since it will just be me and my little stepladder putting up all this stuff, it will most likely be crooked and askew, but there will be lots of shade. I’m into comfort. I may not be able to afford or build tent coolers or mister setups, but my little palace will be ultra-comfortable.


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