Yes, the playa dreams have started.  Dreams of packing. Dreams of building. Dreams that wander through strange landscapes. Waking to lists running through my head. Only two weeks to go, and there is nothing else going on in my head.

I’m very close to finishing my grocery shopping. The fresh fruit, veggies, and bread will wait until the last day before I leave, but I can now get everything else.  One last trip to Winco will take care of much of it. The rest I can mostly get at the Co-op. I still need to get my Coleman hot dogs. They are the only hot dinner item I don’t have yet.  For 6 nights I have 4 hot dinners: steak, lamb chops, hot dogs, and Tasty Bite. The other two nights will be snacking nights. I still have to make my granola for breakfast. Can’t stand the commercial crap. I make my own high quality, organic, lowfat granola and then eat it with good yogurt. Simple, healthy breakfast to start the day.

I have tons of snacks: chips, crackers, cheese, fruit, cookies, candies, bacon, salami, dried mango with chili lime sprinkle, celery and spicy bloody mary mix, pickles, olives. I’m going with swiss and brie as my two cheeses, as they are personal favorites. Can’t afford Humboldt Fog cheese. I’m thinking about throwing in a can of easy cheese, because it is lightweight and doesn’t need refrigeration, and I have fond memories attached to it. It is one of the few disgusting crap foods I occasionally indulge in.

I read reviews on the canned/bottled coffee drinks and gave up trying to choose. I’ll get what’s on sale. Still checking sales on canned IPA. It’s spendy, so I’m hoping some of my favorites will go on sale this week. I got one 6-pack of canned Hop Ottin last week. I don’t have to buy hard alcohol because I rarely drink it and will get more than enough of that around town, so I can focus on my beer.

I’ll wait until the last couple of days before I make my jug of iced coffee, bake my bacon, and boil my eggs. The steak and lamb chops are already seasoned and in the freezer. My case of coconut water is waiting to go into the cooler.

My bike is cleaned, lubed, lit, and decorated. DONE. My last few projects are almost done: mini man is almost complete, mini PBR cans almost finished, who hat needs a tie-on. I’m still putting grommets on my black shade cloth that doesn’t have edging. My patchwork patio floor is waiting for a tarp base since one of the old tarps has gone missing. Luckily, I realized that the groundcloth from the big springbar will work well as a patio, since I’m taking the small springbar, so I am already set with a patio and the patchwork one will be a bonus if I finish it.

I assembled some spare barbies to take to the meat and grate on Tuesday. The main barbie crew will stay back at the tent in preparation for setting up their own camp. The sparkle pony dolls will head straight for the party, leaving the hard working crew to do all the work.

My husband will finish the brake job on the truck today, and order the new brake like for the one that is cracked. He devised some covers for the door vents, so his part in my preparations is almost done. I think he is going to change the oil too. He also put the hokey spokes on my bike. Thank you, dear.




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