Yup, we all create greywater at BRC. The bigger the camp, the more greywater there is. Veteran burners have gotten very creative with a variety of greywater evaporation set-ups. You can find them all over the Internet if you want to copy them. They usually involve a lot of black plastic and two by fours. Some people use inflatable kiddie pools for their greywater pond. I was going to do that the first year but was so broke I couldn’t afford to buy it. Now I’ve decided that my tiny camp doesn’t need a full-on evaporation pond, because I just don’t generate that much greywater (I took home a half gallon of greywater last year). My funky system involves two little black plastic bowls, an old stove pan, and a couple of large rolls of 1 ply toilet paper.


If I generate just a little bit of greywater during a meal, I just dump it in one of the little bowls sitting in the sun (pour through sieve PLEASE. The rice-filled evap pond near me grossed me out all week). If I make more greywater than my bowls can handle (occasionally), or if it doesn’t evaporate fast enough for the next batch, then I pour it in my old pan and boil it on my stove for a bit until it is reduced. Then I dump it back in the black bowls.

The toilet paper trick was an accidental discovery. One day the portapottie truck drove by, and a rogue roll of toilet paper bounced off the end of the truck. I promptly picked up the moop and then realized I might be able to use it for something other than butt wiping. So I dipped the roll into my greywater bowl and let it soak up just enough water that it was fully saturated but not dripping. Then I dropped it in one of my mesh bags. When I came back to camp later in the day, the roll was dry. Well heck, that was cool, so I dipped it again and repeated the process. I used the same tp roll the rest of the week.

This year I have two black bowls instead of one, and I will have two rolls of one-ply toilet paper for dipping. I’m betting that I can beat my record of a half gallon of greywater. Since I generate such a small amount of greywater, I don’t bother doing the boil and filter and sprinkle thing. I just take it home in an empty water jug. If my sister ever goes with me, I will have to do the boil, filter, sprinkle thing, because she will expect a shower every other day or so.  I got by with one short shower, a lot of wipes, and a couple of quick hair rinses.

Here is a cool site for some wild and amazing evaporation devices:

old number one



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