My economy piece of black shadecloth worked just fine in 2011, but it was a very mild year. This year I’m hoping to upgrade to better shadecloth, as well as adding some grommets to my black shadecloth. I came across a great site for buying shadecloth at very reasonable prices.

Check out the desert festival shadecloth. It’s a combination of white shadecloth and Aluminet. There are several variations to fit different budgets. I just earned a little extra money, so I’m going to invest in shadecloth.

BM1212I bought the 12 by 12 desert festival shadecloth. I’m thrilled. It should last a few years if I treat it well. It cost me $154 including shipping.


2 thoughts on “Shade

  1. I’m trying some clip-on grommets too. My old shadecloth could use some grommets, and some of my tarps could use grommets in the right places. I’ll let you know how the plastic ones work.

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