Peeing, round three

My peeing supplies, minus my “yellow” nalgene bottle, which I haven’t rummaged deeply enough into the garage to find.


Pee in camp or on the go. I’m prepared.


My husband pointed out that this is an excellent addition to our earthquake preparedness kit.


This little thing got good reviews. I’ll let you know how well it works.


A little odor control in case it’s a blazingly hot week at BRC. My first year the temperatures were so mild I didn’t really have an issue with this.


Portable and efficient. Yay!


3 thoughts on “Peeing, round three

  1. Funny how numerous people at eplaya brought up their little portable camp pee toilets and didn’t take anywhere near the shit that I took (pun intended!). Maybe because most of those posts are old, back when people were still relatively civil on the Internet. Their loss. I won’t be seeking out kegel nurse and minions when I’m at BRC. There are plenty of snark-free peeple (heehee) to interact with.

  2. Yes, I actually have a great sense of humor. Being fed up with Internet hazing and snark doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of humor. Come by my camp and I will happily giggle with you in the shade and share my beer. Maybe even my toilet if you REALLY have to pee bad.

  3. And yes, I talk to myself all of the time. I’m never lonely, because I always have somebody to talk to and I don’t even need a cell phone to do it.

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